The MII Difference

Within every company, there lies the capacity for new ideas, new ways of doing business – innovation. By identifying promising ideas, testing through simulation and developing strategies, MII uses our expertise and tools to help you unleash the commercial power of innovative ideas within your organization.

Our Core Concepts

Behavioral economics

Applying proven and leading edge academic social science theories


Manage uncertainty

Leveraging business intelligence and solutions to help clients make informed critical decisions and develop profitable growth strategies

Proprietary tools and methodologies

Linking foresight, strategy, innovation, experimentation, simulation and actionable knowledge

Senior leadership advisory experience

Counseling business leaders across many industries creates greater learning and problem-solving

Our Integrated Market Model Approach

1. Develop Comprehensive Model Specifications
Identify ideas, objectives and drivers that define today’s world and a future world of possibilities
2. Create Robust Research Design
Apply statistical experimental design principles to generate a plan for data collection that maximizes the amount of insights gleaned from the data
3. Construct Economic Model
Build an economic model that integrates financial and business assumptions, customer behavior and client choices
4. Run Future World Simulations
Evaluate changes in drivers and customer behavior based on realistic future market scenarios
5. Apply Decision Optimization
Employ analysis to identify the best solution that maximizes your business objectives
6. Construct Predictive Scorecards
Build a scorecard to communicate results and facilitate ongoing decisions

Our Tools and Methodologies

Behavioral economics


Strategic Integrated Market Simulation (SIM2)

Monte Carlo Simulation

Statistical experimental design

Financial and operations research methods