Our Results

With decades of experience in management consulting, we have been successful in helping our clients reduce their risk of change and unleash their economic value.

Check out a sampling of our case descriptions and resolutions from several companies within the healthcare, financial, non-profit and telecommunication industries.




ENT Pricing Strategy

In response to increasing pressure to reduce medical costs, a highly respected industry leader considered removing the barriers for physician referrals for Ear Nose & Throat outpatient surgical referrals based on price.

Employee Satisfaction (Phase I)

A healthcare provider wanted to better understand the drivers of behavior based on their employee satisfaction survey. MII identified the most significant drivers and enabled the client to focus on the five critical elements that would improve their clinical employees satisfaction.

Retention of Critical Skill Employees (Phase II)

A large regional hospital acknowledged the growing competitive nature of attracting and retaining critical skill employees. They engaged MII to help them understand what their own retention (voluntary turnover) issues were, the reasons for turnover and how to develop more attractive employee programs in order to retain these highly valued employees.

Outpatient Imaging Growth Strategy

The primary objective of this nationally top-ranked hospital was to determine price elasticity of high volume outpatient imaging products within their market.  MII provided actionable insights to inform the Radiology Department’s growth strategy in the context of both price and non-price drivers of referring physician and consumer imaging facility choice.

Physician Loyalty

A large Midwestern hospital system engaged MII to help them understand the definition of physician loyalty…

Facility Expansion

A nationally-recognized children’s hospital wanted to grow their heart center, but needed MII’s help in understanding…

Capital Planning

A regional hospital system planned a multi-pronged strategy that required a rigorous quantification of potential investments…

Maternity Labor Decision Drivers (Phase I)

As Phase I of a broader strategy to expand and improve labor and delivery services to local mothers, MII assisted…

Maternity Labor Decision Drivers (Phase II)

The overall goal of a hospital system was to expand and improve their labor and delivery services to local mothers.  With the knowledge from Phase I…

Other Industries

Credit Card Services

A provider of consumer and small business financial services was looking to profitably grow their credit card business. This project used a two-phase approach. Phase I was the pre-test. Phase II was the in-market test. This extensive project resulted in the client increasing their NPV by 60%.

Customer Experiences

The priority for this financial services client was to develop a new business model that would address misaligned customer needs and improve their customers’ experiences. MII used market experiment testing, simulations and economic analysis to develop the optimal business model, which in turn, resulted in higher profitability and market share.

Retail Design & Choreography

A large financial services firm needed assistance in developing in-market tests focused on optimizing the customer experience consistent with a new strategy they were implementing. MII gained understanding of the Client’s core marketing approach and customer relationship philosophy. From this information, MII recommended a testing plan, a statistical analysis plan and a financial analysis plan to assess the impact and implications of the in-market tests. In the end, millions of dollars could be achieved over the next 5 years if key changes are implemented.

Investing in Customer Loyalty

A well-respected telecommunications company had a good understanding of the power of well-designed customer loyalty programs. They asked MII to help them leverage that knowledge and build an effective rewards program. MII also assessed the company’s brand authority and customer selection opportunities.

Product/Service Bundling

A large telecommunications provider needed assistance developing a mobile strategy focused on the needs of their mobile customers.  Through a 5-phase approach, MII created optimal product/service bundles that in turn lead to developing segment-specific recommendations for the customer and an incremental net present value for the provider.

Partnership Branding

A large telecommunications provider enlisted MII to help develop a branding/co-branding strategy for a new joint venture bundle offer. MII also helped determine the specific roles to be communicated by each provider.