Healthcare Provider Predictive Scorecard (HPPS)

As a healthcare leader, you understand the challenges of achieving continued growth in the face of today’s disruptive market forces. Reimbursement compression, increasing price awareness and sensitivity, and increasing rivalry due to consolidation and new entrants are all forces that are changing the dynamics of your business. Pressure from regulators, consumers and employers to maximize patient value per dollar of expenditure is further shaping the market landscape.

Based on a decade of healthcare research and work with leading healthcare providers, our Healthcare Provider Predictive Scorecard (HPPS) is an application of behavioral economics created to help you understand for a product (e.g. ACL repair, MRI of the brain, labor and delivery care, inguinal hernia repair) in a line of service the brand equity, price elasticity, operational and strategic priorities, and the market potential of competing on value. Some benefits of our scorecard include:

  • Drives more informed pricing decisions about charges and out-of-pocket expenses by measuring price elasticity (change in care product volume in response to a change in its price). This can enable providers to avoid the trap of raising or lowering prices based on anecdotal evidence
  • Evaluates your brand strength for specific care products relative to your local competitors
  • Enables you to make resource allocation decisions regarding non-price product features based on the impact that improving these features will have on volume and revenue
  • Provides predictions of care product-specific volume based on scenarios of future care product configurations

As a subscriber to HPPS, you will receive:

  • Executive summary – a brief presentation of the primary findings and results that can be used to communicate market priorities and opportunities with other leaders in your organization
  • Scorecard – a dashboard with detailed behavioral metrics of product volume changes associated with varying product feature levels one at a time
  • Strategic scenario-based results – volume shift outcomes based on complex, simulated “what if” future scenarios (described by varying multiple product feature levels across your offering or that of the competitor)

HPPS provides proprietary insights that will enable you to make smarter, actionable decisions on how to tailor a product’s value proposition to maximize the capture of market revenue.

For more information on HPPS, email or call (617) 953-5445.